Founder/ Director Howard Walker Image Founder/ Director - Howard Walker


I'm responsible for overseeing and implementing the people evangelism program, training, volunteers and actively participating in the evangelism ministry to influence others for Christ and bring them into the church. This leader will coordinate with the leadership team to plan and implement a vital, comprehensive outreach ministry for us to reach people of all ages with Christian love and healing.

Co-Founder Debra Walker Image Co-Founder - Debra Walker


My Mission as Co Founder is to support the mission and Vision of WIN Ministry.
Overseer of Admistrations,Outreach, donations and fundraising. Also work with         
others in the WIN Ministry to set goals, resolve problems and make decisions
that can enhance WIN Effectiveness. Be A Positive influence to others to
achieve results that are in the best interest of the WIN Minstry.

Assistant Rosalind McCoy Image Assistant - Rosalind McCoy



What I do for the Win Ministry is, to help the Founder/Co- Founder to supervise this ministry.. I help with planning, organization, coordinating, function and more for the Kingdom of God.. I help win souls!!!

Secretary Rhonda Trotman Image Secretary - Rhonda Trotman


I am responsible for sending out e-mails to both staff and volunteers on upcoming events, meetings and conferences calls as instructed. I'm also responsible for preparing and submitting donation letters to various organizations and follow up with each organization on their charitable donations. Keep the Director and Co- Director abreast of status for Win events planned throughout each year. Responsible for making sure there is a sign-in sheet and maintain the attendance log for each meeting. Relay pertinent information to staff and volunteers..

Treasure JD McKinney Image Treasure - JD McKinney


I am responsible for recording and depositing all monies belonging to the Win Ministry.. I also transport cargo for the ministry.

Community Relation Tina Hammond Image Community Relation - Tina Hammond


I am responsible for communicating and following up with people via phone calls or email. I also coordinate transportation arrangements to and from church as well as give people referrals to various social service agencies.

Van Driver Wyman Ford Image Van Driver - Wyman Ford


I am the Driver for the Win Ministry. Some of my duties as a driver is to drive our Staff and Volunteers to numerous site around the St. Louis area, so we can get everyone that is participating in the outing to and from ministering areas safely..