howard t. walker was born and raised in a traditional household located in st. louis, missouri. howard’s mother was a house wife, while his father owned a construction business building swimming pools.  mr. and mrs. walker raised their seven children in church. howard is the oldest.

howard attended university city public schools and engaged in many sports.  out of the many sports, boxing was his favorite. howard boxed for 10 years and at age 18, moved to california to pursue a college education.

in 1987 howard moved back to st. louis missouri where he started his career in sales.  this lead him down the path of starting a business in real estate.

in howard late 20’s, his life changed when he was introduced to drugs, and often visited night clubs.  this soon caused howard to lose everything, including his family and friends.  howard became tired of this lifestyle realizing that he needed help.  howard was taught by his parents that whenever he found himself in trouble, call on the name of jesus!  that was exactly what he did.

one day howard remembered this flyer that he had and it said, need help call.  this flyer was to a restoration ministry that helped men and women that were bound by drugs, prostitution, & gang banging just to name a few.  all of this was done by the power and love of jesus christ.  

this was the beginning of a new life for howard.  howard became drug free and shortly after married the woman of his dreams that he has been married to for 14 years.

what was howard’s misery, is now his ministry.  howard is dedicated to reaching drug addicts, gang members, prostitutes and anyone who need to be delivered.  howard does this through power and love of jesus christ.  

howard has many goals and plans to reach them all.  howard is dedicated, passionate, hardworking and will not let anything stop him from moving forward.  he welcome obstacles does not give up easily, because he truly knows that with christ, all things are possible.

howard chooses the positive things in life to focus on.  but his ultimate focus, most  greatest thing he would ever accomplish, is winning as many souls possible to christ.